Student Selected to Take Part in Prestigious Hackathon Event

Mohammed Chams standing in front of the College with a medal around his neck.
Third year Computer Networking student, Mohammed Chams.

(Windsor, Ontario) – As a third year Computer Networking student, Mohammed Chams has achieved significant success in his time at St. Clair College. His interests in computer technology actually caught hold when he was in a Grade 10 student at Vincent Massey Secondary School. His naturally curious nature pulled him into the world of "hacking and coding" and that helped him achieve a big milestone. In May of this year, Mohammed was selected out of many student applicants to go to Toronto to represent St. Clair College and compete in Skills Ontario in May 2017. Hard work and practice paid off as he took home the bronze medal for IT Networking.

On the heels of Skills Ontario, Mohammed was then invited to take part in Hack the North, a very prestigious "hackathon" event offered to only 1,000 students out of over 6,200 applicants from around the globe. From September 15th-17th, Mohammed was able to learn and work with other outstanding hackers.

Students were given 36 hours to form teams and create hacks to enhance society. Mohammed networked with potential employers and industry leaders such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. Additionally, he had the opportunity to attend a speech made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that addressed the breakthrough of computer networking and the impact that each attendee had on tech innovation.

"I took it further and worked on my own projects to see how far I could take my coding skills and from there it was just ambition and plain curiosity," said Mohammed. Since Mohammed began pursuing hacking and coding he has worked on numerous programs of his own including Android game development.

Attending this event and networking with industry professionals gave Mohammed an idea of where he could potentially take his work. Digital money, otherwise known as cryptocurrency, is an up in coming domain of computer networking that he could see himself venturing into.

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