St. Clair College Amends Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Use Policy to Include Cannabis Legalization

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St. Clair College has amended its Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Use Policy 3.15 to reflect the new federal laws effective Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

St. Clair College’s amended Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Use Policy will prohibit the use of recreational cannabis anywhere on our campuses including our student residences.

Persons who are in need of cannabis use due to medical need at the College or in our residences have provisions in the amended policy.

The new amended Policy - 3.15 Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Use Policy can be found at

Federal law Bill C- 45 referred to as the Cannabis Act has legalized recreational use of cannabis nationwide in Canada.

The Province of Ontario has provided guidelines to the use of cannabis:

  • Minimum age is 19 to buy, use, possess and grow recreational cannabis. This is the same as the minimum age for the sale of tobacco and alcohol in Ontario.
  • Adults can possess a maximum of 30 grams (about one ounce) of dried cannabis in public at any time.
  • Full information on Cannabis legislation in Ontario is available on the Government of Ontario website at
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