Zekelman Family Announces $5 Million Contribution to St. Clair College

Zekelman School of Business & Information Technology

(Windsor, Ontario) - St. Clair College announced today that their Business School will be named the Zekelman School of Business & Information Technology, a first in St. Clair College’s 51 years. “St. Clair College proudly honours the Zekelman family for their contributions to community as well as the leadership they have provided in industry and philanthropy. We look forward to a long relationship that sets a new standard for business, raising the bar in advanced education”, says President Patti France.

“The Zekelman family welcomes the opportunity to influence the leaders of tomorrow by doing our part in supporting St. Clair College. There is no better way to secure the future than ensuring quality post-secondary education that prepares the next generation for leadership”, says Barry Zekelman, Chairman and CEO Zekelman Industries.

Philanthropists Stephanie and Barry Zekelman of Windsor-Essex community have created jobs and economic growth as well as supported countless charities and causes. In 2007, the Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation was established, which contributes to many organizations and community initiatives. In 2010, the Foundation was awarded with the AFP Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation Award for their contributions to many charities.

In 2015, the Barry and Stephanie Zekelman Foundation was honoured with the Believe Windsor Essex Award at the Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. This award recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated a significant commitment to positive business development in spite of global market trends.

Barry and Stephanie Zekelman have chaired numerous fundraisers on both sides of the border.

“The Zekelman family endorsement and support for the School of Business & Information Technology will be recognized at both the main campus in South Windsor and our Downtown campus. Our new downtown campus will be an extension of the advanced programs”, says Chair Jim Marsh.

The Zekelman School of Business and Information Technology moves forward with vision and a plan to take its place as a first choice and premier institution with world-class education and advanced offerings including; Data Analytics Graduate Certificate, Revised International Business Management and Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Communication Technology).

Media Contact: John Fairley, Vice President, College Communications and Community Relations 519-819-4882

Zekelmans and SCC President Patti France