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Below is the schedule for your in-person final exams for your online course(s). Check this schedule very carefully to ensure you know when your exam is to take place and that you do not make any other plans for those dates/times. All exams will be held at the main campus in Windsor and room numbers will be posted by your instructor at least 1 week before the exam dates. See information below for writing your exam in Chatham, writing an exam Out of Town, conflicting exam slots and accommodated exams.

eCampus EXAMS - Fall 2018

For courses with a 065 Section number.

Fri, Dec. 7 @ 6pm - 9pm Sat, Dec. 8 @ 9am - 12pm Sat, Dec. 8 @ 1pm - 4pm
ACC 110-065ACC 328-065BUS 300-065
ACC 210-065HCE 120N-065BUS 434-065
ACC 320-065HRM 330-065ECN 110-065
ACC 335-065MGN 105-065HRM 310-065
BIO 50-065MGN 310-065MGN 320-065
HRM 105-065MIC 410-065MGN 470-065
MGN 330-065OAG 230-065MIC 510-065
MGN 480-065OHS 242-065MRK 202-065
OAH 303-065PNR 160G-065SSC 150G-065
OAH 401-065SSC 146G-065SSC 160-065
OHS 241-065SSC 240-065SSC 187G-065
SSC 131G-065
SSC 177G-065

If you have multiple needs or requests related to your final exams, please fill in all of the appropriate sections on one form and submit once. You may use the "Additional Notes" section if you feel additional information needs to be included.

Deadline to Submit E-Campus Exam Request Form:
November 5, 2018

-- Click Here For E-Campus Exam Request Form -- Use the above link to submit your request for the following:
This form is for courses with section numbers 065 and 066 ONLY
  1. Conflicting exams
  2. Writing in Chatham
  3. Writing in another city/province/country


If you are registered in 2 or more online courses and the exams are on the same date and time, you must reschedule one of those exams.

Exams may be rescheduled only on one of the dates/times indicated in the chart of exam times (Fridays at 6:00PM, Saturdays at 9:00AM or 1:00PM - for dates, see the chart of exam times above).

There are only 3 exam slots, If you have more than 3 online course exams you must use the E-Campus Exam Request Form and choose a date/time from the drop down menu. This is your appointment time at Student Services. Indicate in the box provided the course code for the exam you will be writing at the chosen date/time. Example, if you have 4 online courses (section number 065 only) you must use the 3 existing exam slots and then write the remaining exam(s) at Student Services, using the instructions provided above.

To reschedule a conflicting exam, choose an alternate time/date in the E-Campus Exam Request Form.


The dates/times in Chatham are the same as those scheduled in Windsor. You must submit an E-Campus Exam Request Form to request to write in Chatham. Be sure to submit the request form by the deadline.

If you show up in Chatham and your name is not listed, you will not be able to write.


Step 1.

It will be your responsibility to locate a proctor in an educational institution. You cannot write earlier than 3 working days BEFORE the official exam date or later than 2 working days AFTER.

Step 2.

Submit an E-Campus Exam Request Form. When completing the form, choose "Other" in the exam location section and then complete Section 3 of the exam, which will ask the following:

  • The name of the educational institution you will be writing at
  • The name, position and email of the proctor
  • Course code
  • Date and time you are to write

Deadline to Submit E-Campus Exam Request Form:
November 5, 2018

-- Click Here For E-Campus Exam Request Form --
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