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ONT 232
This course will help in developing the students’ skills and knowledge in creating digital files for graphic design projects using Adobe Illustrator. As the graphic design industry changes through the development, advancement and integration of computer technology, the importance of learning Adobe Illustrator for the design and production of digital files becomes evident. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 067 1029 May 15-Aug 21 $357.20 (includes $80 Online fee)
ONT 102
This course is designed to teach advanced topics on Microsoft Excel. Students will learn how to create advanced spreadsheets and be able to manipulate data. Excel is a powerful tool for creating complex electronic workbooks and charts used by an increasing number of industries competing in today’s global marketplace. Prerequisite: Excel-Specialist or equivalent. 2 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 067 1020 May 15-Aug 21 $278.00 (includes $80 Online fee)
ONT 187
This course provides the beginning programmer with a guide to developing applications and applets using the Java programming language. Java provides an excellent environment for students to build programs while learning the basics of structured and object-oriented programming techniques. This course covers object-oriented programming concepts including: creating and using classes and methods, loop structures, string method, If/then/else, JOptionPane Class, arrays and creating basic Java Applets. Software: JAVA SDK, JAVA IDE-both free downloads. Prerequisite: Introduction to computers or equivalent, programming experience is an asset. Most students use Windows Operating System but Java can be installed on Apple or Linux Operating System as well (students should be familiar with the Operating System).
Online 067 1079 May 15-Aug 21 $344.00 (includes $80 Online fee)
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