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CNT 308N
This one-day workshop will investigate communication processes and strategies for the workplace, with an opportunity to investigate proven strategies designed to improve communication processes and systems on both a personal and organizational level. Participants will also reflect on personal communication strengths and weaknesses. Topics will include:
  • Communication Theory
  • Defining Communication
  • The Communication Process
  • Communicators and Communication Systems
  • Personal Communication Systems
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Strategies for Improving Communication
  • Personal Action Plan
$169.50 ($150.00 tuition + $19.50 HST)
WINDSOR 150 1105 Jun 13, Wed, 9:00A–4:00P
WINDSOR 159 1106 Jun 13, Wed, 9:00A–4:00P (Register for this section # to have your company invoiced.)
CNT 442N
This one-day workshop is designed to introduce and reinforce the skills required by service providers to ensure effective and consistent customer service in all sectors of their organization. Topics will include:
  • Identification of the Client (Customer)
  • The Need for Effective Communication Skills
  • The Importance of Teambuilding
  • Dealing Effectively with Difficult People
  • Effective Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • The Role of the Employee as an Individual and as Part of the Organization
$169.50 ($150.00 tuition + $19.50 HST)
WINDSOR 151 1107 Jun 6, Wed, 9:00A–4:00P
WINDSOR 158 1108 Jun 6, Wed, 9:00A–4:00P (Register for this section # to have your company invoiced.)

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