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Developed and authorized by the Plant Engineering & Maintenance Association of Canada, the Maintenance Management Professional Certificate Program consists of eight modules. Modules are structured to progressively help participants understand and embrace the various concepts necessary to be effective as a maintenance and physical asset management professional.

The program is designed for individuals aspiring to management positions, those already in maintenance management and looking for formal training, as well as for individuals seeking full maintenance designation (MMP, Maintenance Management Professional) or focused training in selected areas.

The MMP certificate program is comprised of the following eight modules. While not mandatory, it is recommended that the modules be taken and completed in the following sequence:

Module 1: An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management (CNT 631N)
Module 2: Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager (CNT 632N)
Module 3: Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager (CNT 633N)
Module 4: Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager (CNT 634N)
Module 5: Developing & Implementing Maintenance Tactics (CNT 635N)
Module 6: Maintenance Work Management (CNT 636N)
Module 7: Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CNT 637N)
Module 8: Capstone Project (CNT 638N)
CNT 631N
Module 1 introduces you to an integrated and holistic approach to maintenance and asset management. It provides a perspective and structure to apply to an organization to see how the organizational performance can be improved through areas of maintenance and asset management. Module 1 will introduce:
  • The Maintenance Excellence Pyramid
  • How the parts of the Maintenance Excellence Pyramid are linked, including:
  • Strategy defining the People requirements needed to execute the Tactics
  • The identification of the maintenance tactics (Basic Care) and their execution (Work Management) and the other resources required in executing the tactics (Information, MRO Parts) and the use of Performance Measures to track and improve; and
  • Choosing other approaches to further improve
  • A simple tool and more detailed one to evaluate and better understand organizational position relative to the areas of the “Maintenance Excellence Pyramid.”
5 weeks, 15 hrs. $420.00 ($380.00 tuition + $40.00 materials)
WINDSOR (5840) 150 Sep 17-Oct 22, Mon, 6:00P– 9:00P
WINDSOR (5841) 159 Sep 17-Oct 22, Mon, 6:00P– 9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company invoiced.)
CNT 635N
Module 5 focuses on maintenance efforts to ensure that physical assets safely, capably, reliably and repeatedly perform to their designed specifications. The focus is on techniques to develop maintenance tactics that will address how the assets are used, how they are likely to fail, the consequence of failure, and identifying maintenance tactics that are both feasible and worth doing. After developing tactics, the module will focus on how tactics need to be implemented and their effectiveness tracked. Topics include:
  • Understanding the “Operating Context”
  • Defining Asset Function and Functional Failures
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA
  • Understanding consequences and the application of the RCM
  • Decision Diagram
  • Maintenance task identification
  • Planning maintenance tasks
  • Implementing Preventive Maintenance
  • Introducing Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) into the maintenance equation
Recommended Pre-requisites: Module 1. 10 weeks, 30 hours. $620.00
WINDSOR (5869) 150 Oct 18-Dec 20, Thur, 6:00P– 9:00P
WINDSOR (5871) 159 Oct 18-Dec 20, Thur, 6:00P– 9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company invoiced.)
CNT 637N
New – Blended Delivery – Live and Online Classes
Have trouble attending classes? Work shifts? Now these obstacles no longer exist… To participate – you must be registered in the course – and have access to a stable internet connection.

Module 7 is a study of the features, benefits and the effective use of a CMMS or EAM computerized maintenance work management process. Topics include selection, implementation and optimization of a suitable Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM) in addition to ongoing support and upgrading of a CMMS/EAM based on changing requirements. Recommended Pre-requisites: Module 1, 5 & 6. Topics include:
  • Integrating use of CMMS with other departments
  • Project planning and organization
  • Implementing team development
  • Assigning team roles and responsibilities
  • Integrating the CMMS activities:
  • Financial
  • Work/Job Planning
  • Data collection
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
10 weeks, 30 hrs. $620.00.
WINDSOR (1073) 150 Jan 22-Mar 26, Tue, 6:00P– 9:00P
WINDSOR (1074) 159 Jan 22-Mar 26, Tue, 6:00P– 9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company

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