Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program
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The Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program (MLCP) is supervisory training designed by manufacturers for manufacturers, in collaboration with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) and your community colleges. The MLCP's success is based on practical and relevant content, flexible scheduling and on-site delivery of courses.

MLCP consists of the following FIVE courses:

  • Supervisory Skills for Business and Industry (CNT 351N)
  • Coaching and Developing People (CNT 352N)
  • Developing Effective Teams (CNT 353N)
  • Continuous Improvement Processes (CNT 354N)
  • The Business of Tomorrow (CNT 571N)
CNT 351N
The ten modules included in this course will provide participants with a broad perspective on the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor. This course sets out the foundation for both knowledge and skills.
Module #1 – Roles of the Supervisor within Management
Module #2 – The Design of Your Organization
Module #3 – Continuous Tasks of the Supervisor
Module #4 – Recruitment and Retention
Module #5 – Problem Solving
Module #6 – Working as a Productive Unit
Module #7 – The Lines of Communication #1 – Verbal
Module #8 – The Lines of Communication #2 – Written
Module #9 – Critical Legislation for the Supervisor
Module #10 – Finding Facts
10 weeks, 30 hrs. $425.00, text extra.
WINDSOR 150 1113 Apr 24-Jun 26, Tue, 6:00P-9:00P
WINDSOR 159 1114 Apr 24-Jun 26, Tue, 6:00P-9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company invoiced.)
CNT 352N
Lifelong learning has become a necessity in today’s rapidly changing workplace. The coaching and developing of people, in order to encourage their on-going learning process, is a crucial component in this dynamic environment. This course will provide each participant with the knowledge necessary to develop lifelong learning principles in the workplace. As each team player takes on the role of coach, new skills will be learned to enhance a lifelong learning environment at their individual workplace. The basic skills of communication, coaching, conflict management, and performance evaluation will be developed, together with an understanding of adult learning, training, development, and delegation by empowerment. (Note: this course is also a requirement for the APICS – Certified in Production & Inventory Control Certificate Program.)
Module #1 – Coaching and Communication Skills
Module #2 – The Coaching Model: Tools and Techniques
Module #3 – Leadership – Two Views
Module #4 – Empowerment
Module #5 – Delegation
Module #6 – Motivation
Module #7 – Performance Management
Module #8 – Conflict Resolution
Module #9 – Learning in the Workplace
Module #10 – Applications and Skill Building
10 Weeks, 30 hours. $425.00, text extra.
WINDSOR 150 1115 Apr 26-Jun 28, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P
WINDSOR 159 1116 Apr 26-Jun 28, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company

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