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2018 Scholarship Presentations:

To be determined. Check back again soon.

Students are required to attend the ceremony in order to collect their scholarship. This is a great opportunity to meet the generous donors who contribute to this funding. Students will be notified by email by January 31 if they have received a scholarship and the date of their ceremony.

Listing of Scholarships

The listing of Scholarships have been separated by School.
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Last year, the St. Clair College Foundation awarded over 600 scholarships totaling over $400,000!

If you have any questions, please contact Justin Fox, Donor Relations Officer at

Tuition Bursaries

A Tuition Bursary is a gift of money from the College that is awarded once per academic year to a deserving student who shows a financial need. A T4A slip will be issued for income tax purposes. Due to the number of applications we receive and the limited amount of funds available for distribution, bursaries will be awarded based on the number of applicants who qualify.

Who may Apply?

Tuition bursaries are available to registered St. Clair College students who are full-time and are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents. You must also have a satisfactory academic standing (minimum GPA 2.0).

When to Apply?

The application process is now closed.