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Room Rental

Room rental fee includes all china, silver and glassware, tables, chairs, dance floor, risers, podium, microphone and easels. We provide white, ivory or black linen tablecloths and linen napkins in a variety of colours. White or black skirting for head tables, cake and gift tables. Coat check is offered October through April based on 100 guests in attendance.



All Ceremonies will incur a set up fee of $495.00 for set up and teardown. Rehearsals can be accommodated dependent on SCCCA business and must be booked in advance. We offer audio equipment that includes two Speakers, 6-Channel Soundboard, one Wireless and one Lapel Microphone that can be rented for $175.00

Special Menu Options

We proudly cater to all guests with dietary and or allergy restrictions. We also provide children's menu and pricing options for guests under 10 years of age. Your Client Service Representative can assist with selecting special meals to compliment your main menu.

Pastry Table and Cake Cutting

As an enhancement to dessert service, you may bring in homemade plattered pastries to be served buffet style. We will provide cutlery, china, paper napkins and service utensils for the buffet at a cost of $1.00 per guest. The client is responsible to platter and label all pastries. The Client is responsible to provide any takeout containers required for the pastry table. We are pleased to provide the service of cutting your cake at a cost of $1.50 per person. This includes china, cutlery, and paper napkins. We are not responsible for platters and other items left behind after an event.

Outside Food

We are a full catering facility and do not allow outside food or food vendors due to proper food handling transportation and storage. If you have a special request please speak with a Sales Associate.

Empty Seat Charge

A fee of $14.95 per open seat will be charged based on not attaining the minimum capacity per room.

Deposit and Payment Policy and Guarantees

A deposit is required to permanently hold any banquet space and is non-refundable. So that we may ensure the availability of menu items, final menu selections and guest guarantees are required 11 days prior to the event. Payment is due in full 7 days prior to the event and will be based on the established guarantee. For host bars, the cost will be based on an estimated consumption.

Socan Fees and Re Sound

Functions involving musical entertainment will be charged a mandatory flat fee payable to Socan and Re-Sound. Both organizations have established a fee system for all events providing copyrighted music. Charges are based on the maximum occupancy of a rented room and not the number of guests in attendance. Fees range from $9.25 to $253.45 and subject to change.


We do not automatically add gratuities. If you wish to thank your servers with a gratuity, you may include it with your final payment or present it directly to the banquet supervisor on duty.


We offer one bartender per 75-100 guests in attendance.
Should you require an additional bartender, a labour fee of $18.00 per hour will apply with a minumum 3 hour charge.


The facility hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7am-1am, Saturday 9am-1am and Sunday 9am-5pm. Security fees are applicable for additional hours outside of the regular hours of operation.

Vendor Set up and Teardown

Requests for any vendors to be in the building outside of regular hours will incur a $35.00/hour fee.


SCCCA welcomes bands in our onsite ballrooms, however due to noise restrictions we cannot accommodate bands in our Waterfront or Great Lakes Ballrooms located at the Best Western Plus Hotel. All bands are requested to not start until 9pm. All bands requiring the freight elevator must be set up prior to 11am on the day of the event.

Preferred Vendors

St Clair College Centre for the Arts has partnered with select vendors that specialize in various offerings to enhance you event and guest experience. These vendors provide discounted pricing and services for events held onsite.

Group and Private Menu Tasting

Throughout the year we offer for sale a group event that provides an opportunity to taste many of the food dishes as well as view the plated presentation of the courses. Private tastings are subject to an additional fee based on menu requests. Please see a sales associate for details.

Banquet Room Rental

Complimentary and discounted room rental are offered on Friday and Sunday.
Restrictions apply.

Alumni "Skyline" Room AB Combined
1150 Person Capacity

Number of Guests Rental Cost Event Capacity
600-Above $1,595.00 Seated with Dance Floor 700
550-599 $1,795.00 Seated without Dance Floor 900
500-549 $1,995.00 Cocktail Reception 1150
450-499 $2,195.00
400-449 $2,495.00
350-399 $2,795.00
300-349 $2,995.00

Alumni "Skyline" Room A
500 Person Capacity

Number of Guests Rental Cost Event Capacity
300-Above $995.00 Seated with Dance Floor 230
275-299 $1,095.00 Seated without Dance Floor 350
250-274 $1,195.00 Cocktail Reception 500
225-249 $1,295.00
200-224 $1,395.00
175-199 $1,495.00
150-174 $1,695.00
125-149 $1,795.00
100-124 $2,095.00

Alumni "Skyline" Room B
650 Person Capacity

Number of Guests Rental Cost Event Capacity
459-Above $995.00 Seated with Dance Floor 320
400-449 $1,095.00 Seated without Dance Floor 490
350-399 $1,195.00 Cocktail Reception 650
325-349 $1,295.00
300-324 $1,395.00
275-299 $1,495.00
250-274 $1,695.00
225-249 $1,795.00
200-224 $1,895.00
175-199 $1,995.00
150-174 $2,195.00

Banquet Room Rental

International Rooms ABCD and Outside Terrace

Number of Guests Rental Cost Event Capacity
320 $1,195.00 Seated with Dance Floor 170
Seated without Dance Floor 250
Cocktail Reception 320

Dieppe Reception Room

Number of Guests Rental Cost
Dieppe Room AB 150-300 $875.00
Dieppe A 50-140 $400.00
Dieppe B 50-160 $475.00

Toldo Lounge

Number of Guests Rental Cost
Toldo Lounge 80 $390.00

Canada Trust Lobby

Number of Guests Rental Cost
Canada Trust Lobby 85 $390.00

Chrysler Theatre - Wedding Ceremonies

Number of Guests Rental Cost
Chrysler Theatre 1211 $985.00
Theatre - Main, Balcony, Box Seats
2 hour rental, basic house lights, black curtain

Convention Room Rental

Convention, Exhibit and Meeting Space Rental

International Room (4th Level)

Full Day Half Day
A,B,C,D Combined $1,000.00 $650.00
Stodgell Room (A) or Windsor (B) $275.00 $180.00
Union Gas (C) or Taqtaq (D) $275.00 $180.00
Combination (AB) or (CD) $485.00 $320.00
Combination (ABC) or (BCD) $750.00 $490.00
Outdoor Terrace $985.00 $645.00
Port of Windsor Room $385.00 $255.00

Toldo Lounge and Canada Trust Lobby (3rd Level)

Full Day Half Day
Toldo Lounge $390.00 $255.00
Canada Trust Lobby $390.00 $255.00
Members Lounge $385.00 $255.00

Alumni "Skyline" Ballroom (2nd Level)

Full Day Half Day
Skyline Room A and B $3,690.00 $2,400.00
Skyline Room A $1,655.00 $1,080.00
Skyline Room B $2,095.00 $1,365.00

Dieppe Room (1st Level)

Full Day Half Day
Dieppe Room A and B $875.00 $540.00
Dieppe Room A $400.00 $255.00
Dieppe Room B $475.00 $325.00

Chrysler Theatre

Chrysler Theatre
1200 Seat Theatre - Main, Balcony and Box Seats
Community and
Commercial Rates

Waterfront Hotel Ballroom Rental

Waterfront Ballroom

Number of Guests Rental Cost Event Capacity
225-249 $695.00 Seated with Dance Floor 125
200-224 $795.00 Seated without Dance Floor 200
175-199 $895.00 Cocktail Reception 260
150-174 $995.00
125-149 $1,095.00

Great Lakes Ballroom

Number of Guests Rental Cost Event Capacity
225-249 $595.00 Seated with Dance Floor 125
200-224 $695.00 Seated without Dance Floor 200
175-199 $795.00 Cocktail Reception 260
150-174 $895.00
125-149 $995.00

Convention, Exhibit and Meeting Space Rental

Full Day Half Day
Great Lakes A, B, C $1,095.00 $695.00
Ontario Room (A) $585.00 $385.00
Erie Room (B) $275.00 $180.00
Huron Room (C) $275.00 $180.00
Waterfront Ballroom $1,095.00 $695.00

Host Bar Option One

St. Clair College Centre for the Arts supplies all liquor, wine and beer.


A host open bar is offered at $10.95 per person and includes all service requirements associated with the bar including bar staff, bar mixes, pop, juices, condiments and glassware.

Your Client Representative can assist you with pricing based on your bar selections.

Standard Alcohol $2.50 per 1 oz. Drink

◊ Wisers Whiskey
◊ Polar Ice Vodka
◊ Ballantines Scotch
◊ Lambs White Rum
◊ Beefeater Gin
◊ Amaretto

◊ Kahlua
◊ Bailey's Irish Cream
◊ DeKuyper Peach Liqueur
◊ Sambucca
◊ Cherry Whiskey
◊ Spiced Rum

Premium Alcohol $2.75 per 1 oz. Drink

Canadian Club Whiskey
Absolute Vodka
J & B Rare Scotch
Havana Club White Rum

Domestic Beer $2.75 each

Molson Canadian
Coors Light
Sleemans Clear and Honey Brown

Imported Beer $3.00 each


Wine and Champagne

We are proud to offer the Colio Bricklayer series of Select Wines

Bricklayers Foundation Series
Chardonnay $16.95 Bottle
Cabenet/Merlot $16.95 Bottle
Bricklayers Predicament Series
Chardonnay $19.25 Bottle
Cabenet/Merlot $19.95 Bottle
Bricklayers Rose $16.95 Bottle

Our house selection Colio Viva Spumante Sparkling is offered at $15.95 per bottle.
Served in a champagne flute with strawberry garnish and served with a white gloved butler service.
Any special ordered wines and champagnes will be charged a handling fee of $9.00 per bottle.
Some restrictions may apply.

Host Bar Option Two and Cash Bar

Appropriate for cash or host bar. Prices do not include applicable taxes.

Standard Bar Host Cash Premium Bar Host Cash
Wisers Special Whiskey $4.65 $4.87 Canadian Club Whiskey $5.09 $5.31
Polar Ice Vodka $4.65 $4.87 Absolute Vodka $5.09 $5.31
Ballantines Scotch $4.65 $4.87 J & B Rare Scotch $5.09 $5.31
Lambs White Rum $4.65 $4.87 Havana Club White Rum $5.09 $5.31
Beefeater Gin $4.65 $4.87


Host Cash
Kahlua $4.65 $4.87
Baileys Irish Cream $4.65 $4.87
DeKuyper Peach Liqueur $4.65 $4.87
Sambucca $4.65 $4.87
Cherry Whiskey $4.65 $4.87
Amaretto $4.65 $4.87
Spiced Rum $4.65 $4.87

Beer and Cooler Offerings

Standard Bar Host Cash Premium Bar Host Cash
Molson Canadian $4.65 $4.87 Heineken $5.09 $5.09
Coors Light $4.65 $4.87 Corona $5.09 $5.09
Sleeman Original $4.65 $4.87 Flavoured Cooler $5.09 $5.09

Wine and Sparkling Offering

Host Bottle Cash Bottle Cash Bar per Glass
Colio Bricklayer Cabernet Merlot $22.23 $24.34 $4.87
Colio Brick Layer Chardonnay $23.23 $24.34 $4.87
Colio Viva Spumante Sparkling $17.70 $18.58
Colio St Tropez - Non Alcoholic $7.52 $8.41

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Individual Fountain Pop $1.99 Bottled Water or Juice $1.99
Pitcher of Fountain Pop $9.96 Non Alcoholic Beer $3.10

If cash or host bar sales do not exceed $500.00, a labour charge of $200.00 will be added.

Audio Visual and Amenities

All rooms are offered with complimentary staging, podium and overhead speaker system.

Sound Package

4 Speakers, 6 Channel Sound Board, 2 Wireless Microphones and Stands - $255.00

Ceremony Package

2 Speakers, 6 Channel Sound Board, 1 Lapel and 1 Wireless Handheld Microphones - $175.00

Add an LCD Projector and 10X14 Screen to any package for an additional $200.00

Visual Equipment

Data/Video Projector $125.00
Tripod Screens 6' X 6' $25.00
Front/Rear 6' X 8' Screen $125.00
Front/Rear 12' X 14' Screen $175.00
Video Conferencing available upon request


Wireless Microphones (Hand Held) $50.00
Wireless Lapel Microphones $50.00
Corded Microphones $10.00

Audio Equipment

Portable Sound System with 2 Speakers $150.00
Portable Sound System with 4 Speakers $230.00
CD/DVD Disk Player $35.00
M68 Shure 4 X 1 Mixer $25.00
Yamaha 6 Channel Mixer $50.00
Multi Functional Powered Speaker $50.00


Flip Charts $15.00
Easels $10.00
Laser Pointer $10.00
Table (draped/skirted) $25.00
Wireless Slide Remote Control $10.00
Conference Telephone Service $55.00


Technician Hourly Rate (min 3 hr.) $35.00
Technician Hourly Call-in Rate (min 3 hrs.) $58.50

This listing represents the most frequently requested items, other items not listed are available, please ask for a quote

Prices Subject to Applicable Taxes and Change.