Parking Services
Parking Services
Parking is enforced:
South Campus: Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and
Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Chatham Campus: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Visitor Parking

Pay and Display Permits can be purchased at South Campus from the machines in Visitor Lot 'T', 'H', or 'Y', or at Chatham Campus from the machine near the main entrance.

Pay and Display rate is $2.00 per hour, $1.00 per half hour. Minimum $2.00, maximum $8.00 for all day parking.

These machines only accept $2, $1, and 25¢ coins as well as Visa and MasterCard. These machines do not accept bills, Debit Cards or Visa Debit Cards. The machines do not give change.

For convenience, an ATM and Change Machine are located in the Main Lobby.

Pay and Display Permits are valid in Visitor Parking Lots as well as all General Parking Lots.

After 5:00 p.m. Pay and Display Permits are valid in General, General Gated and Staff Parking Lots with the exception of Staff Lot M.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spaces are available for parking provided that a Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit and a St. Clair College Parking Permit or Pay and Display Permit are displayed.

When purchasing a Parking Permit, you will be required to show proof of your Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit and photo ID. St. Clair College Accessible Parking Permits are sold at the same rates as non-accessible Parking Permits.

A map identifying all Accessible Parking spaces are available at the Parking Office at both campuses.

You are required to display your Ministry Permit as well as a College Parking Permit at all times on St. Clair College campuses.

For locations of our accessible spaces and lots please refer to the Parking Map for each campus: Windsor | Chatham (PDF's).

Community Parking Lot (Chatham Campus)

The Community Parking Lot is reserved for members of the community without affiliation to St. Clair College (non-staff, non-student, noncontracted employee).

Staff, Students and Contracted Employees are considered members of the College Community and are restricted from parking in the Community Lot.

Also, vehicle operators seen parking in the Community Lot and entering/within the College Main Building may be issued parking fees.

Permit Purchases

When purchasing a parking permit, you must complete a Parking Permit Application. The Parking Office will not allow a purchase of a new parking permit if there are outstanding parking fees. These outstanding parking fees must be paid prior to the purchase of a new parking permit. The person who purchases a parking permit is solely responsible for all parking violations and fees issued to any vehicle(s) on their account or bearing their parking permit. The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee the purchaser an available parking space on a day to day basis.

Permits must be purchased either in person at the South or Chatham Campus Parking Office, or by faxing the completed Parking Application and Payment Form to the Windsor (South) Campus Parking Office (519-972-2735)

2017/2018 Permit Rates

Duration:Permits are sold by complete calendar month General Parking Permit Fee:Valid Anytime General Night Permit Fee:Restricted to after 5:00pm
1 Month$36.75$15.70
2 Months$68.30$26.25
3 Months$94.55$36.75
(Ending Dec 2017 OR Apr 2018 OR Aug 2018)
Full Year
(ends Aug 31, 2018)
General Gated Full Year
(ends Aug 31, 2018)

General Gated Permits

General Gated Permits can only be purchased by full academic year expiring at the end of August.

This permit allows access to General Gated Lots C, D, G, and K but does not guarantee a parking space in these lots. Permit is also valid in General Parking Lots N, S and V. General Gated Permits are permitted in Staff Lots A, E, R, X, and Z after 5:00pm. General Gated Permits are not valid in Visitor Parking Lots at any time.

Gates for the General Gated Lots will be lowered after Labour Day weekend until the end of the Winter Semester. Gates open daily at 5:00pm to allow for General Parking.

Gate cards may be deactivated for vehicle violations, not limited to the General Gated Lots. No full or partial refunds will be issued to the permit holder in the event that their card is deactivated for vehicle violation(s)

General Permits

General Permits can be purchased either monthly, by semester or by full academic year expiring at the end of August.

General Permits are permitted in General Parking Lots N, S and V. General Permits are permitted in Staff Lots A, E, R, X, and Z, and General Gated Lots C, D, G, and K, after 5:00pm. General Permits are not valid in Visitor Parking Lots at any time.

General Night Permits

General Night Permits are only available at Windsor Campus and may be purchased monthly, or by semester.

General Night permits are restricted to after 5:00pm only. Permit is valid in in Staff Lots A, E, R, X, and Z, General Gated Lots C, D, G, and K, and General Lots N, S, and V. General Night Permits are not valid in Visitor Parking Lots at any time.


Gate Cards

Gate cards are distributed at the time of the purchase of a parking permit that requires card access. Only annual permits are eligible for General Gated Parking Lots. In the event of a lost or stolen gate card, it is to be reported to the Parking Office. A replacement fee will be assessed for any replacement gate cards issued. Once a new card is issued the lost or stolen card will be automatically deactivated.

Lost Permits

St. Clair College is not responsible for replacing lost parking permits. Therefore, should you lose your parking permit; you will be required to purchase an additional parking permit at regular parking rates. No reduction or discount in parking permit fees will be applied to replacement parking permits.

If a gate card is lost or stolen, a $20.00 replacement fee will apply.

Downtown Campus Parking

St. Clair College does operate parking facilities in the downtown core. There are multiple surface lots, and garages available for parking near the St. Clair Center for the Arts, St. Clair College MediaPlex and TD Student Center. A special student rate has been negotiated for the parking garage at 275 Pitt St. West (Behind the St. Clair College Center for the Arts) operated by Compark. For information regarding rates, availability and eligibility of the various lots you are encouraged to contact the City of Windsor, Compark or the private operator of the lot.

  • City of Windsor Parking - 519-255-6248 - Website
  • COMPARK - 519-258-2012 - Website

Permit Refunds

A permit returned before the Registrar's withdrawal date will be refunded at a rate of 100% per month for unused months remaining on the permit. After the Registrar's withdrawal date permits will be refunded at a rate of 50% per month for unused months of the current semester. The current month is considered a "used" month.

Parking Regulations

The President and the Board of Governors authorize these regulations. These regulations are intended as an aid to the facilitation of the business of the College.

The lands and grounds of St. Clair College South Campus and Chatham Campus are private property and St. Clair College reserves the right to control motor vehicle use. The regulations are intended to facilitate business and to provide parking services in support of this function, within the limits of available space. St. Clair College owns the parking lots, and therefore has established a fee for parking. These rules and regulations for parking are in place as a condition of the public being granted the right to enter with their vehicle onto and remain on St. Clair College's property. Therefore, signs are posted at each entrance of all parking lots and information is listed on our website notifying the public that if they leave their vehicle on the grounds, they accept the terms of the contract.


It is understood that vehicle operators park at their own risk on St. Clair College property and are responsible for the safe custody of persons and/or contents of parked vehicles. The College is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss to any vehicle or its contents. We rent space only and do not take control or possession of your vehicle. The College hereby offers you a public parking space that you accept by leaving your vehicle on the grounds. You are not required to notify us of your acceptance. If you do not display a valid parking permit, valid pay and display stub or if you exceed the posted time limit in a metered space, park improperly or contrary to St. Clair College parking regulations, then you agree to pay a parking fee of $20.00 per day or any part thereof, to St. Clair College, and you agree to allow St. Clair College and its agents to immobilize or tow the vehicle pending payment of the fee.


By parking at South or Chatham Campuses parking lots you further consent and give permission to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to provide all registered owner information to St. Clair College and its agents for the vehicle you are driving for the purpose of collecting unpaid parking fees.

All persons parking their vehicle on St. Clair College property must pay by:

  1. Purchase of a daily Pay and Display Permit or
  2. Purchase of a Student or Staff Parking Permit from the Parking Department.

Parking Violations:

Parking is only permitted in a space or area that has been clearly marked, posted, signed, and/or designated as a parking space. All other areas will be considered a “NO PARKING AREA” and parking is prohibited, unless authorization is granted by special permit from the St. Clair College Parking Office. The absence of any signage to the contrary does not permit or authorize parking elsewhere on St. Clair College Property.

Your vehicle is considered in violation for:

  • Parked in a No Parking Zone or Standing Only Zone
  • Parked or Stopped in a Fire Route, Bus Stop or No Stopping Zone
  • Parked in a Loading Dock, or reserved parking space/lot
  • Parked obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Failure to clearly display a valid Hang-Tag, Dash, or Pay and Display Permit
  • Parked on any intended grassy area
  • Parked exceeding expiration time in metered lot (Visitor Lots)
  • Parked exceeding maximum time allowed by parking space
  • Parked outside designated parking space or facing the wrong way
  • Parked in an Accessible Parking space without appropriate permits
  • Parked in a state of abandonment, without license plates, or in the same space for more than 3 consecutive days
  • Parked with permit not purchased through a St. Clair College agent, or vehicle information does not match displayed permit
  • Parked with use of fraudulent/tampered or otherwise reproduced permit, or with use of lost or stolen permit.

Violations are enforced by the issuance of parking fees, vehicle immobilization, vehicle removal, gate card deactivation, encumbrances, and collection action. The above violations may also result in the loss of parking privileges at St. Clair College.

Ticket Fee Schedule

Parking in a No Parking Zone$40.00
Park or stop in a fire route or bus zone$85.00
Park or stop in a no stopping zone$40.00
Unauthorized Parking$20.00
Unauthorized Parking in a signed Reserved Space (VIP/Contractor, etc)$30.00
Obstructing Traffic (Vehicular or Pedestrian)$50.00
Disobey Parking Attendant$10.00
Valid Permit Not Clearly Displayed$20.00
Parked on Intended Grassy Area$30.00
Overtime Parking$15.00
Improperly Parked$10.00
Park facing the wrong way$20.00
Curb Jumping Unauthorized access to a controlled lot$30.00
No Parking Stub – Metered Pay/Display$20.00
Parking in Accessible Space$180.00
Unauthorized Parking in Community Lot$20.00
Use of Fraudulent / Tampered or Stolen Permit$150.00
Use of Stolen Permit$150.00
Use of Lost Permit$150.00
Failure to display SCC Accessible Permit$10.00
Park in a state of abandonment, or same space for more than 3 consecutive days$20.00
*** No discounts to parking violations

In addition to the violations listed above, the use of a permit not purchased through a College agent and /or the use of a duplicated, stolen or otherwise reproduced, permit can result in a ticket being issued. St. Clair College can and does immobilize vehicles using boots, as well as tow vehicles that have unpaid fees for parking or other violations. The above violations may also result in the loss of parking privileges at St. Clair College. It is St. Clair College policy to place an encumbrance on all student accounts that have outstanding parking tickets. While this encumbrance is in place, it will restrict access to register for classes, receive transcripts and/or diplomas. To remove an encumbrance you must pay all outstanding parking fees at the Parking Office.

Administrative Fees

Immobilization Administrative Fee$20.00
Towing Administrative Fee (Relocation of vehicle on property)$80.00
Towing Administrative Fee (Removal of vehicle from property)$20.00
Ministry of Transportation Ontario Plate Search Administrative Fee$20.00
Replacement (non-stolen) Gate Card Fee$20.00
Replacement OV Permit Fee$20.00
Replacement (non-stolen) Non-General Permit Fee$20.00
Late Fee$15.00

Ticket Payments

Payments can be made in person at the Parking Office or by mail. Please make cheques payable to St. Clair College. Payments can be made in person at the Parking Office by Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Interact. Failure to pay parking fees may result in additional administrative fees. A license plate search may be conducted on the vehicle and fees will be billed to the registered owner of the vehicle. If fees remain unpaid, information may be provided to a Credit Bureau or Collection Agency to obtain payment.

Note to St. Clair College Student: Failure to pay the Parking Fee will result in your student account being encumbered. Transcripts, diplomas, course registration, etc. will be withheld until the fee and all administrative fees are paid.

Ticket Appeals

Tickets may be appealed within 10 working days of the issue date on the face of the ticket. Appeal requests received after the due date on the parking fee will not be accepted.

You may request a ticket appeal by completing a request for Parking Fee Appeal on the webpage below.

Request for Parking Fee Appeal

Document Downloads

Parking Ticket Appeals
Parking Office
2000 Talbot Road West
Windsor ON, N9A6S4

(519) 972-2727 Ext. 4515
Fax: (519) 972-2735

Monday to Thursday
7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Parking Office
1001 Grand Ave. West
Chatham ON, N7M5W4

(519) 354-9100 Ext. 3515

Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.