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FREE tutoring services are available on all campuses to enrolled students who need assistance to improve academic performance. Every effort is made to provide students with an appropriate tutor within a week of request.

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One-on-one Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutors can provide one-on-one help with course content, and pass along useful study strategies, but they will not do a student's homework or assignments.

Peer Tutoring gives you:
  • Help preparing for quizzes, tests and exams.
  • A study partner who can help you understand and remember your material.
  • The perspective and support of a student who knows how to be academically successful.
  • The opportunity to build confidence in your own academic skills.

Walk In Services

Walk In offers brief tutoring assistance by faculty and senior tutors in Math and English as well as other core subjects. Walk In hours may vary by campus and semester. Check with Tutoring Services for an up-to-date schedule. No appointment is necessary, simply walk in!


Group tutoring provides an effective setting for students to learn from each other with the assistance of a peer or faculty facilitator. Tutoring for 2nd and 3rd year students is primarily through group tutoring. Study groups can be arranges for any course upon request.

First Nation, Metis and Inuit Student Services

Additional tutoring services can be arranged for Aboriginal students through our First Nation, Metis and Inuit Student Services.

To apply for a tutor:

Simply drop by one of the tutoring locations listed below or you can apply through your Student Self Service account.

To become a tutor:

If you are an excellent student, interested in helping others and looking to earn money working on campus—apply to be a tutor! Applications to become a tutor are available through your Student Self Service account.

Online Resources:

Contact Info:
Got a Question?...Ask a Tutor: tutoringservices@stclaircollege.ca

South (Main) Campus, Windsor
Tutoring Services-Room 209
Tracy Granger,
Tel: 519-972-2394

St. Clair College
Centre for the Arts, Windsor

Tutoring Services/TD Student Success Center - 2nd floor Open Lab
Kim Lunansky
Tel: 519-972-2727 Ext. 4348

Chatham Campus
Student Services – Room 133
Mary Beth Rush
Tel: 519-354-9100 Ext. 3215

First Nation, Metis and Inuit Learner Advisor:
Muriel C. Sampson
South Campus, Windsor
Tel: 519-972-2727 x4734
Fax: 519-972-2395

Chatham Campus
Tel: 519-354-9714 x3332
Fax: 519-354-6941

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